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Clive. My…. friend. Ooor… boyfriend. Daddy. :P Counselor. Whatever. My Clive. I got you a hat… I’m not positive you’ll like it, but you’re such a little bitch when it’s cold! And I love you in purple. And then I found this necklace in a craft shop. Well actually, it had more limey beads, but I got them to change them. For you. :) And one other thing… that’ll have to wait for a while. You and me are gonna plant a tree. Here in Lima! So that when we’re fifty and living the good life in Spain or something like the badasses we are, we can come back to this place and remember the day we planted the massive fucker we’ll be standing in front of. And it’ll be COOL, they do that shit in MOVIES! :D I love you, Clive! A lot. And I’m not afraid to say that. <3 Merry Christmas!

22nd November 2011 3:14
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Clive… I read your letter. I read it twice. And then once more. 
I’m going to bed now. And in the morning… well.
I’m moving in. 

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